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The Foremost Self-Defense School in the Northwest for Firearms Training and other Defensive Techniques for Civilian, Police and Security Professionals. 

An increasing number of people today are becoming aware that they must take more personal responsibility for their own safety. "No one can ever be absolutely certain of what his or her actions will be when confronted by a critically dangerous situation. The only way to be reasonably sure of one's actions in a crisis is to impress a patterned response of the correct actions into one's behavior and make this part of a natural, automatic response when the real crisis occurs."*

At SAFE we combine education (knowledge) with training (programmed response) to develop greater ability and confidence in the use of firearms as well as other defensive tools and techniques.

For more information on our courses and schedule, call us at:
(509) 993-1508

Or write us at: 
P.O. Box 864
Post Falls, Idaho 83877

You may also contact either SAFE or the Fernan Rod and Gun Club
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Robert Smith is the owner and director of SAFE, as well as an associate instructor and Northwest representative for Massad Ayoob's "Lethal Force Institute" (LFI). SAFE has hosted LFI in this area since 1986. Robert Smith is experienced in and available as an expert witness, guest lecturer and private consultant. Curriculum Vitae and fee info. available upon request.